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May 14, 2009


amy faldet

Have a beautiful night! Blessings.

Barbara Brown

can't wait to see them. be sure to post pics. when your done. love all the vibrant colors.

The Antidote

They look beautiful, cannot wait to see x


Enjoy your trip, I cant wait to see the pillow cases! xxx


Take your time, dear!!Bon voyage!


What a beautiful blog! Really looking forward to seeing you pillow covers! I love the crochet flower cushions - so sweet. Will definitely give the pattern a go.


what a sneak peak... I can't wait to see the rest of the pillow

Anna R

Love going to Victoria-my daughter is there for the long weekend. Enjoy!

jacoline (lien)

Have a great time and cann't wait to see what you made!


What a lovely cushion! I think it's probably the nicest one I've ever seen. I think I should expand my wool collection and go for it. I've just learnt how to make flowers so will give your pattern a go. Thanks!

sweet emmelie

wow, I've just discovered your site, what a beautiful blog and those cushions are just to die for! I am definitely gonna try and make one though I have never crocheted before


oh my goodness! I just happened upon your blog via another blog. Those crochet flowers and cushions - WOW! I'm drooling. I am now too excited to go to work as I want to start your tutorial on the flowers!


I have something on my blog for you!

Dede Warren

These show of color is post enough to make me smile. Enjoy your trip!

the homely year

Hi, Hope you've had a great break. Can't wait to see what you've made...those colours look so tempting!
Margaret and Noreen

Outsourcing Philippines

that is so awesome

Beata Basik wrote:

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