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November 20, 2008



Love the pattern, will really enjoy this, thnks so much for sharing it.

Shirley Crabtree

My great grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a child. She used to make this pattern using the very fine crochet thread. The background was white, and the flowers were either red or yellow with green leaves. They were beautiful, and I have the last one she made. Thank you for a pattern I will be brave enough to try!


How do I attach the squares together to make a throw?

Fiona Ridley

Thank you for inspiring me back into crochet 3 years ago with this square....I finished my flowery can see it here, I hope I did your pattern justice!

Thank you again


Terry P

Thanks for typing this out. I made this square long ago with a different last row of all dcs except for corners. Then I gave it away, and LOST the pattern!! Now I can finally make my own flower garden afghan. I did all the flowers in different flowery colors, background was various greens I had, joined squares in dark brown, and it looked like 'soil' between the flowers. I can't wait to work on this again.


Hi there, these are beautiful and will make my cot blanket for my new baby Rose much more in theme and more interesting - thank you ! I love the border on your cushion - how have you done it ? Would really appreciate some instructructions.


It looks like these gorgeous squares are put together with a single crochet, creating the "rib" between them. I do this often, as it seems to highlight the squares. Please correct me, if I'm wrong...


Loving this site! I am only 9, but I'm a great crocheter. My grandma inspired me, and my OTHER grandma bought me my first hook.

Teresa Green

I would like to use the colors you used. I love to crochet, am self taught, and everyone says I am awesome at it. The problem, I can't pick colors, I stink at it, they don't match, please please tell me the colors you used! Thank you Teresa Green at (


I love this pattern! I am going to make this blanket for my 5-year-old. I was practicing the pattern last night and found that the hook I used (E) was way to small - what type of yarn and what size hook did you use for this? Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank you so much :) I was about to buy a similar pattern, but fortunately i found you... I have tried your pattern but i find a difficulty in attaching the first flower with the stem, the second flower with the stem, and the square with the second flower.. I tried but the result is not satisfying ... Could you please explain more?? Photos would help also to understand it better.
Thank you in advance.

Hazel Ward

I would like to know the size of crochet hook that you use? What size is the finished square supposed to be? that would help s lot? Thanks for the pattern.


I love the pattern and I mad a afgan for my mother and on the border i used the granny square afective.


I'm collecting square patterns to do a sampler type afghan (all different squares), but they all need to be the same size. Can you tell me approximately how big these are? I realize that size of yarn and hook will influence the exact size, but if you could give me a general idea, that would be great. Thanks!

Angela @ Cottage Magpie

Hi there! So excited to discover your blog!

I'm trying to make these today and wondering what size hook you use?



I love the pattern! It's just what I was looking for and took a lot less time than what I thought it would. I'm making a baby blanket with sparkle white, pastel pink and green, and pastel blue. It's gonna look amazing! Btw, I wanted my square to be a little larger so I can SC them together without the flowers looking like they are on top of each other. I just added an extra row just like row 5 and it worked perfectly. Thanks again!


Aw I so wish there was a video tutorial!!!! I'm rubbish reading patterns :(


I have been looking for this exact pattern for about 15 years! Had it, made it numerous times, lost it. Found it again! Yea!!!
Thank you so much!


Thanks for such a great pattern! I blogged about how I'm using it here:

Happy crocheting!

Amazing - you have a brilliant eye for colour. Thanks for sharing. :)


Please can u tell me if terms here are American or uk
And what size hook etc

Kralice Gr

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful flower! I was wondering what yarn and what hook you used. I would love to make a blanket.
Thank you!

Maschelle Mashburn

Oh my oh my! I have been in love with these flower-centered squares you made for so long! I can't believe there was a tutorial and I found it! I'm SO grateful! Your pattern, including color choice, is beautiful and speaks to my heart! I get all warm and fuzzy looking at the sweet flowers and colors! I cannot WAIT to make one! Thank you for sharing with us, and for all your hard work putting it in writing! :-)


Thank you ever so much for these cuties! I'm a new crocheter and still finding my way. However your instructions are so clear and easy to follow that even I could do this. My squares came out so pretty. Every time I can't wait to start a new one with new colors! May I ask how you join them? Thanks again.

Elaine March

Alex's Coverlet of granny squares is just absolutely beautiful. I am considering making one for my granddaughter. Could you possibly tell me what make and weight of yarn you used. Is it a washable worsted or a cotton?



microwave ovens

I am regular reader, how are you everybody?Thhis paragraph posted at thos site is actually good.


Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a total beginner, but my daughter and I are really excited to learn the basics so we can get to fun projects like this. Thank you so much!

Janet Heib

I am so so happy that i stumbled upon your pattern here. I have been searching for this square for ages after seeing a small Afghan throw done in this pattern at the stitches and craft fair in Melbourne, the lady there didn't sell the pattern only a kit at well over $200AUD which i couldn't afford. thank you so much for kindly sharing this


love it im making one.thanks for giving it to us.

Susie McGaughy

I am making my daughter a 'throw'...

I am to the point of putting them together...I would appreciate how to finish this favorite picture was your original tutortial; they appear to be little circles and not just plain v-shaped ???

Would love to hear from's been so much fun; now the 'finishing touches' ?


Hi I am new to crocheting. I love your flower granny square so much. I am going to have a go at making some. Just one thing is the pattern for USA or UK


Thrilled to bits with this pattern and that I was able to follow it and produce a flower granny square - THANK YOU!!!!!

Carol Fryer

It is just lovely. Thank you so much. Love making gifts for new babies. Its my And this is lovely.

Linda Colson

Thank you for this wonderful written pattern! It's PERFECT ;)

Kathryn Pless

What a lovely square! I can see a colorful afghan made from these. I like that it is not a traditional Granny, but a pretty flower. Thanks so much for sharing!

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